Retenir... Dream est un collage sonore de 3 minutes qui s’inclut Strombe, une exposition sonore d’Alex Pou sur une proposition de Damien Cadio et Thibaut de Ruyter

avec :

- 2016, Bertrand Belin, 2016
- Vaudou (traversée), Alex Pou, 2016
- Retenir… Dream, Christian Barani, 2016
- Vaudou (voix), Alex Pou, 2016
- Crin, Stéphane Thidet, 2016
- Damien Cadio, 2016
- Rapture (extrait), (voice : Kim Gordon), Marcelline Delbecq, 2007
- Vaudou (chants), Alex Pou, 2016
- Vaudou (alcool), Alex Pou, 2016
- Quando o bom tempo chega, Philippe Eydieu, 2016
- Strombe (Cotonou), Alex Pou, 2016

à écouter sur :

twentynineminfiftyninesec is a curated space based on time and located somewhere in the Internet. Ten years ago Anna Colin organized a series of exhibitions for a radio station in London. Artists, curators, critics were asked to create exhibitions that do not have a « normal » space with an entrance and an exit, but a duration with a beginning and an end. We base our project on a similar idea, but decided to give our guests a space of 29 min. and 59 sec. — the equivalent of one side of an audio-tape — and to leave them free to build a cultural, ethnological or historical project.

Collecting information and artworks, doing lists, organizing a follow of pieces, choosing a first and a last piece and trying to create a narration and an atmosphere in a given space — when we do something like that, is it not already curating ? ?Can time create space ? Can sound provide images ? Those questions, and many others, will come with the different participations to this exhibition space, directed by the artist Damien Cadio and the curator Thibaut de Ruyter.

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